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Stephon Gilmore Color Rush Jersey

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Stephon Gilmore Color Rush Jersey

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The zeal with which Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s lawyers are fighting pending charges for misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution flows from the basic reality that , if he’s found in any way responsible for any violation of the law, he’ll most definitely face a suspension from Commissioner Roger Goodell. But that doesn’t mean the reverse is true.Exoneration in court may not be a silver bullet when it comes to the Personal Conduct Policy. Indeed, securing a dismissal or an acquittal would be the beginning not the end of the league’s decision-making process.Because the charges involve no allegations of violence or assault, the league won’t taken any type of action before the legal proceedings have resolved, including potential use of the Commissioner’s Exempt list. Solicitation of prostitution simply doesn’t rise to the level for paid leave, regardless of whether the accused is a player or a non-player.If Kraft wins in court, Commissioner Roger Goodell will be faced with a major dilemma. If a player were charged with solicitation of prostitution and cleared (whether on a technicality or on the merits), he’d likely face no punishment from the NFL. Again, the absence of any claim of violence or assault would likely mean that the league would leave it alone.But that nuance will be lost when considering the league’s common refrain that owners are held to a higher standard, and when realizing that multiple players who were never arrested or charged with anything have received significant suspensions. From Ben Roethlisberger (four games in 2010, never arrested or charged) to Ezekiel Elliott (six games in 2017, never arrested or charged) to Kareem Hunt (eight games in 2019, never arrested or charged), the league has set a clear precedent when it comes to punishing players who received no punishment (or even scrutiny) from the criminal justice system.Kraft’s lawyers may try to thread the needle if he’s ultimately cleared in court, arguing that the players listed above were accused of violence and/or assault and pointing out that since a player would get no suspension if exonerated on misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution Kyle Van Noy Color Rush Jersey , a non-player should receive no suspension as well. Given the aggressive defense that Kraft’s lawyers have mounted, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the lawyers have connected the dots and concluded that complete victory in a court or law could lead to complete victory in the Court of Commissioner Goodell.Logically, that makes sense. As a practical matter, however, it will be hard to make it fly. The league has been far too aggressive with players who were neither arrested nor charged to look the other way when an owner has been charged and has issued a statement of apology, even if his lawyers manage to expose successfully the many flaws and defects of the Florida investigation, even if the cases involving player suspensions absent charges can readily be distinguished, and even if the truth ultimately is that there never was any actual solicitation.In this case, the lawyers (who obviously make more money the longer this lingers) may need to take a back seat to common sense. While Kraft has every right to aggressively defend his name and his record when it comes to the pending legal charges, any sort of billable hour echo chamber that may be telling Kraft a win in court equals no punishment from Goodell could be badly missing the mark, resulting in needless delays and a stream of six-figure monthly invoices aimed at securing an outcome in Florida that may not lead to the presumed outcome in Manhattan. Back in August, the Patriots were trudging through training camp and we were concerning ourselves about the depth of this team, especially on the offensive side of the football.At that point, with Julian Edelman set to serve a four-game suspension, and Eric Decker dropping out at the last minute Chris Hogan Jersey , as well as a handful of other receivers that had come briefly and gone quickly, it was hard to tell exactly where the Pats would be when we reached the first week of November.It was difficult to know if the Patriots would be at their normal 7-2 after the season’s halfway point, or if their initial lack of depth would cause them to be at a disappointing (for New England standards) 5-4 or something like that. But after the Patriots took care of business in Week 9, defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-17 at Gillette Stadium, to move to 7-2 on the year — a typical spot for them to be during this part of the season — it’s hard to imagine that depth was ever actually an issue for this team.Two months ago, I was worried that, even with the great Tom Brady at the helm, this offense would struggle to move the ball with such a depleted core of receivers, and with a rookie running back in Sony Michel getting most of the carries. But after New England’s win against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, it’s evident that this team is still more than capable of getting it done. After all, they beat Green Bay by two touchdowns without both Michel and superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski. Even without the team’s most clutch pass catcher, and even without the kid who has taken this team’s running game to a new level, Brady is still finding ways to get this offense moving.Almost as if on cue, Cordarrelle Patterson has suddenly become an integral part of this unit. He came to New England in the offseason, and it wasn’t expected that he would be used for much more than a kick returner and an occasional target for Brady. Instead Stephon Gilmore Color Rush Jersey , he’s become one of Brady’s most reliable targets, and is even now being used as a running back in the absence of Michel. And Patterson isn’t just playing the role of a running back; he’s doing it effectively as well. And of course, you can leave it only to Bill Belichick to bring in a train wreck like Josh Gordon and suddenly revive his career. As long as Gordon stays healthy — and most importantly, stays out of trouble — he might a big part of this Patriots offense for a few years to come.Nonetheless, however, it’s incredible to see that the Patriots are exactly where they usually are at this time even with all of the questions marks coming into the season. The 2018 season is taking shape the same way every Patriots season does. And it’s all happening with a 41-year-old quarterback, which might be the most amazing part of it all.I’m convinced that as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are around, the Patriots will never even come close to losing the AFC East. Even if they stick around for another 15 years, and Belichick is in his 80s and Brady is in his late 50s, would that even matter?Alright, I’ll try not to get ridiculous. Obviously, they wouldn’t both still be able to do this at that age.Or would they?
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