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Zanima vas kad će se popraviti cesta u vašem susjedstvu? Koji su planovi? Vodovod, Struja, kanalizacija i sve teme vezane uz ovu tematiku?

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Green Bay Packers Jersey

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The St. Louis Cardinals won Game 3 of the 2013 World Series on a walk-off , in the least traditional sense of the term.Cardinals runner Allen Craig got tied up with Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks on his way to the plate. Craig was the winning run, but he was thrown out...except he wasn't.Umpire Jim Joyce called obstruction on Middlebrooks, which meant Craig scored the winning run. Game over."Instinctively, it comes out. It just comes out: 'Obstruction,'" Joyce said after the fact, per's Jayson Stark.The Red Sox went on to win the series, 4-2. But it was a call that confused viewers, sparked debate and ushered in the era of instant replay.No. 8: The 1951 Giants Sign Stealing3 of 10Transcendental Graphics/Getty ImagesThe 1951 season will be remembered for one moment: the shot heard 'round the world.You know the story: The New York Giants engineer a furious comeback and ultimately defeat the rival Brooklyn Dodgers in a three-game series for the pennant on a home run by Bobby Thompson.Close your eyes and hear it: "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"Those same Giants would go on to lose in a six-game World Series against the Yankees.The untold story, however, involved the Giants stealing signs. The allegation has percolated since Thompson's iconic blast and was detailed by the Wall Street Journal's Joshua Harris Prager in 2001.Granted, the Giants' win over the Dodgers wasn't in the World Series, but it got them there. And who knows how much their (ahem) alleged malfeasance contributed to their deep run.No. 7: Kenny Rogers Ball-Doctoring Controversy4 of 10Jeff Roberson/Associated PressIn Game 2 of the 2006 World Series, Detroit Tigers left-hander Kenny Rogers twirled eight scoreless innings en route to a Tigers victory. Overall, he threw 23 spotless frames in the '06 postseason.But was his performance dirty?Questions immediately swirled around a mysterious substance on Rogers' hand."It was a big clump of dirt," Rogers told reporters at the time. "I didn't know it was there. They told me about [it], but it was no big deal."Others disputed that explanation."Somebody said they thought they saw pine tar on him," Cardinals second basemanAaron Milestold reporters.ESPN reported that "in starts against both the Yankees and Athletics [in the 2006 postseason], a similar-looking brown substance was spotted on Rogers' hand." Take a look for yourself.The Cardinals won the series in five games Zach Davies Jersey , but Rogers' Game 2 dominance will forever be in question.No. 6: Denkingers Blown Call5 of 10Rich Pilling/Getty ImagesIn 1985, the Cardinals led their World Series tussle with the Kansas City Royals, 3-2. In the bottom of the ninth in Game 6, St. Louis was up 1-0.Pinch hitter Jorge Orta hit a bouncer to the right side. He was clearly out鈥攂ut not according to umpire Don Denkinger.The Royals won the game and claimed the series 4-3, making this among the most notorious blown calls in history."If it happened now, they'd review it and overturn it," Denkinger reflected in 2014, per's Doug Miller. "Just like that."No. 5: Burkharts Ball-in-the-Hand Call6 of 10Anonymous/Associated PressIf there was ever an ironclad argument for instant replay, it came in Game 1 of the 1970 World Series.With the score tied 3-3, the Cincinnati Reds' Ty Cline hit a weak chopper in front of home that was just fair. Bernie Carbo broke for the plate, representing the go-ahead run. Baltimore Orioles catcher Elrod Hendricks picked up the ball and slapped on the tag, and Carbo was called out by umpire Ken Burkhart.The problem? Hendricks tagged Carbo with his glove while clutching the ball in his other hand, and Carbo missed the plate.The Orioles won the game, 4-3, and the series, 4-1.Maybe the outcome would have been the same regardless. Then again, maybe not.No. 4: Reggie Jacksons Hip Check7 of 10Associated PressReggie Jackson is known as Mr. October because of his 18 career postseason home runs and pair of World Series MVP trophies.But he authored another, less noble Fall Classic moment.In the 1978 World Series , the Los Angeles Dodgers were up 2-1 in the series and 3-1 in Game 4. With runners at first and second, Lou Piniella hit a low liner that Dodgers shortstop Bill Russell fielded on a hop.Russell forced Jackson out at second and threw to first, but Jackson's hip got in the way, deflecting the throw and allowing the run to score.Was it intentional? You be the judge.Here's what we know: The Yankees won the game and the series.No. 3: Jon Lester Ball-Doctoring Controversy8 of 10David J. Phillip/Associated PressIn 2013, Jon Lester went 2-0 with a 0.59 ERA in the World Series as the Red Sox defeated the Cardinals in six games.Yet, his iconic output was tainted by accusations of ball doctoring.As's David Schoenfield reported at the time, "There appears to be some pretty strong evidence that in Game 1 of the World Series, [Lester]was applyingsomethingto his fingertips in his victory over the Cardinals, probably to help get a better grip on the ball in the 45-degree weather."Added Schoenfield: "You can see Lester wipe his fingertips inside his glove, where another photo reveals some sort of yellowish-green substance. I mean, it could just be a nervous tic and maybe an optical illusion of some sort. Right. And the Cubs will win the World Series next year."He was off by two years on his Cubs prediction. But his analysis on Lester is legitimate, if inconclusive.No. 2: 1994 Strike Cancellation9 of 10Jed Jacobsohn/Getty ImagesThe 1994 season was shaping up to be a humdinger. The Montreal Expos were on track to make their second postseason appearance in 26 years of existence. San Francisco Giants third baseman Matt Williams was in the midst of a credible chase for Roger Maris' single-season home run record.Then, it all came crashing down.A labor dispute between the MLB Players Association and baseball's owners led to a strike. Negotiations stalled. The World Series didn't happen.Technically, it wasn't the first time the Fall Classic was canceled. In 1904, the NL champion New York Giants refused to play the AL champion Boston Americans. At that point, however, the series was in its infancy.By 1994, it was a hallowed event. The strike and subsequent cancellation irreparably damaged the sport. You could argue '94 was the year baseball ceased to be our national pastime.Undeniably Boone Logan Jersey , it was the biggest scandal since...No. 1: The Black Sox Scandal10 of 10Transcendental Graphics/Getty ImagesSimply put, there will never be a World Series controversy as bad as the Black Sox scandal.You know the story: In 1919, a contingent of Chicago White Sox players got in bed with a bunch of shady gamblers and agreed to throw the Fall Classic.The series was a sham. The Cincinnati Reds ended up with the mother of all pyrrhic victories. Eight White Sox players implicated in the scheme were banned from the game for life by then-Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis, including "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.To cite a possibly apocryphal quote from a young boy reported by Charley Owens of the Chicago Daily News, "Say it ain't so, Joe." All statistics courtesy of Baseball Reference. GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — The Chicago White Sox made no effort to hide their disappointment over losing the Manny Machado sweepstakes.They went to extra lengths, bringing in Machado’s brother-in-law, another close friend and pulling out the stops in attempting to sell the free agent on the future of White Sox baseball.But they still missed out when the star infielder reached a deal with the San Diego Padres worth $300 million over 10 years.White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said of the experience that “trying really hard and failing is not sufficient.” Executive vice president Ken Williams said, “I’m wearing my shades so you guys don’t see the shock in my eyes.”In the meantime, the White Sox will look around and return to their youth movement, now in its third season. If Machado had moved to Chicago, he might’ve playedthird base, with Tim Anderson at shortstop and Yoan Moncada at second.Moncada, a key component of the trade that sent Chris Sale to Boston and began the Chicago rebuilding project, struggled in his first full big league season. He batted .235 with 17 homers while leading American League second basemen with 21 errors and topping all of baseball with 217 strikeouts.Manager Rick Renteria’s advice to Moncada was simple: Forget last season.“I think he has more of a focus factor that comes into play,” Renteria said of the 23-year-old. “I think he sees himself as a little bit more focused on trying to get the job done.”That is part of the reason that Moncada has been taking grounders at third in spring training, with Carlos Sanchez — who Moncada replaced at second — returning to his previous position. That may be temporary as well Josh Hader Jersey , with No. 1 draft pick Nick Madrigal being groomed for second and Anderson, who showed great defensive improvement in the second half last season, remaining at shortstop.But Moncada’s focus is part of the reason, Renteria said.“I think it’s possible, and there’s no guarantee, that playing third base rounds out his focus on both sides of the ball,” the manager said. “His range factor is huge, his arm is good. Understanding the nuances of the game at third, getting reacquainted with it will be a factor on how well he’ll do.”For his part, Moncada says he “feels good” at third base. “I like that position and with more repetitions I will feel even better.”Moncada worked with Renteria and hitting coach Todd Steverson after last season ended on fixing some of his problems at the plate — which included 63 called third strikes on borderline pitches as defined by Statcast. Moncada said that is the main focus of his offensive approach entering this season.“With two strikes I will be more aware of the corners and maybe a little more aggressive on those pitches,” he said.As for not getting the big free-agent prize, outfielder Jon Jay, who lockers next to Machado’s brother-in-law Yonder Alonso — says they’ll be able to move on, echoing what Hahn and Renteria also said.“He’s a good friend of mine,” Jay said of Machado. “We are very happy with what we have here and are going forward. I’ve been fortunate to be around a lot of playoff teams and that’s still my goal here.”“You see a lot of confidence. There are guys who have great opportunities, and what I like the most is that they want to get better,” he said.
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