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s multi-player PvP servers. When Myles isn’t killing block p

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s multi-player PvP servers. When Myles isn’t killing block p

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BERLIN Wholesale Oregon Ducks Jersey , Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Eduardo Jesus Vargas Rojas moved from S.S.C Napoli to Hoffenheim, the German Bundesliga side confirmed via the club's official homepage on Monday.

The 25-year-old striker put pen to paper on a contract until 2019 to bolster Hoffenheim's offensive after the departure of Brazilian international striker Robert Firmino, who joined Premier League outfit Liverpool during the summer transfer window.

"Eduardo's outstanding performances during the Copa America have aroused interest at other clubs around Europe. Therefore we are pleased that he opted for Hoffenheim. He is a variable player for our offence, technically strong and resilient Wholesale Oklahoma State Cowboys Jersey ," Hoffenheim's director of professional soccer Alexander Rosen said.

Vargas played since 2012 for Napoli but never made the breakthrough into the starting team. He played at Queens Park Rangers, among others, on loan lately where he scored four goals in 22 appearances.

"I'm looking forward not only to the fans, the stadiums and atmosphere in Germany but mainly to show my aggressive and offensive style play in one of the world's top leagues Wholesale Oklahoma Sooners Jersey ," Vargas said, who scored 22 goals in 48 caps for Chile's national squad within four years.

Hoffenheim encounter newcomers Darmstadt at the third round of Bundesliga on Sunday.

WINDHOEK, June 19 (Xinhua) -- Officials from China's eastern coastal province of Jiangsu and Namibia's central Khomas Region signed an official agreement here Friday to establish a friendly province-region relationship.

The agreement was signed by the Governor of Khomas Region, Laura McLaud-Katjirua Wholesale Notre Dame Fighting Irish Jersey , and the Governor of Jiangsu Province, Li Xueyong.

Prior to the final deal, the two sides had started with initial talks in 2012 and progressed to a memorandum of understanding signed in June 2013.

The agreement aims to promote mutual understanding and consolidating friendly cooperation between the two sides.

Li said the signing of the twining agreement lays a solid foundation for future cooperation that will also encourage competitive investment that will benefit the two sides.

Despite the long distance, the friendship between the two parties has grown from strength to strength and has excelled to new heights Wholesale Ohio State Buckeyes Jersey , said Li.

The two sides agreed to promote friendly people-to-people contacts on economic and trade cooperation as well as to strengthen exchange programs in areas of education, training, health, culture Wholesale North Carolina Tar Heels Jersey , sports and technology.

McLaud-Katjirua echoed the same sentiments and commended Jiangsu Province on the willingness to sign the agreement, saying it signifies and manifests the official approval, political will and pledge of determined support of the two governments to the twining agreement.

McLaud-Katjirua reassured the visiting Chinese delegation from Jiangsu Province that her region is committed to uphold, protect and promote the cooperation for the benefit of the two communities.

The Minecraft multi-player scene has grown tremendously over the last few months and many more players are beginning to leave the comfort zone of their own private single-player servers. Every serious Minecraft player needs his own base for protection from the dangers of players and mobs Wholesale Michigan Wolverines Jersey , as well as a place to stash valuable items. However, a significant number of inexperienced players venturing into multi-player servers find their bases constantly raided and griefed. Thankfully there are three easy ways to keep your base protected from all but the most determined enemy players.

1. Create Your Base Far From Spawn — A common mistake of rookie players is that they do not walk far enough from spawn before beginning to make their base. A server’s spawn point is typically the most active area on the map and enemies will constantly be entering and exiting it. If your base is only a short walk from spawn, chances are someone will find it with ease. It will require a bit of patience, but make sure to walk at least 2000 blocks in any direction before setting the foundation of your base. Remember the F3 key provides coordinates which are a handy guide for this purpose.

2. Make Your Base Underground — Another frequent blunder similar to the one above is that new players love to built giant Wholesale Miami Hurricanes Jersey , extravagant castles above ground level. All this does it attract enemy players from afar to come pillage your base. Instead, you should avoid the urge to show off your creation and take your building underground. The ideal location is at bedrock level, the floor of the map, or slightly above. Having your base here eliminates anyone on the surface from seeing either your base or your nametag. They can walk directly over your base and never even know it was below them!

3. Reinforce The Walls — Unfortunately even the above two measures will not stop everyone from reaching your treasure chest of diamonds. Because players frequently mine near the floor of the map Wholesale Lsu Tigers Jersey , it is possible they can accidentally stumble upon your base and grab whatever they please. Furthermore, it is unfortunate but multi-player servers have a large amount of cheaters who can see through the map with x-ray mods and texture packs. A good way to deal with both of these risks is to reinforce the walls of your base and make entrance either difficult or impossible for intruders. There are several ways to do this, including lining the walls with obsidian (which takes a long time to break), surrounding the walls with lava Wholesale Kansas Jayhawks Jersey , or booby trapping the right locations.

Myles is a Minecraft fan and can be found on its various multi-player PvP servers. When Myles isn’t killing block people in Minecraft, he can be found writing about the upcoming Madden NFL 12 football video game on his popular Madden 12 news blog.

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