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low cost where to purchase amlodipine 15mg

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low cost where to purchase amlodipine 15mg

PostPostao/la SimonTiger » Ned kol 12, 2018 7:06 pm

For High Blood Pressure My BP is still high. As the systolic # came down slightly, the diastolic # has gone up greatly. Will see doc in 2 weeks & ask about that.
For High Blood Pressure I hate amlodipine! It made my blood pressure worse. I was always borderline with my blood pressure. It didn't help that I work nights and my diet isn't the greatest. My doctor wanted to me try this medication for a month to see if my blood pressure would lower. Within a week my blood pressure which usually hovers at 140/80 with a pulse of 80 shot to a ridiculous 200/98 with a pulse of 98. My blood pressure will always spike around the evening. My anxiety worsened and I got headaches. This medication does not work for me and I am not going to be tricked into staying on it longer.
For High Blood Pressure I am 27 years old and I had blood pressure of 150/100, around the high range for a few days at the very least but within 2 hours of taking amlodipine 5g my BP dropped to around 128/86. I have just taken this once in my life.

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