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The FDA sent a warning letter to GIB LLC

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The FDA sent a warning letter to GIB LLC

PostPostao/la taylorlin » Pet srp 13, 2018 7:35 am

"Among all flat irons the GHD Flat iron is considered as the best as GHD professional have manufactured well equipped, versatile and properly designed hair styling flat irons. GHD straighteners are now been targeted on a massive scale across the internet and being copied at an alarming rate, if you search across any search engine across Europe on the search term ""GHD straighteners"" you will see numerous sites in the paid listings featuring cheap GHD straighteners, these items are priced well below the RRP and obviously illegal counterfeits."
"GHD, whose name stands for Good Hair Day, has shown strong growth, with documents sent to prospective buyers disclosing that it made £33.7m in pre-tax profit in its 2015-16 financial year, on sales up 9.5% to £181.2m. With most bogus items you might end up out of pocket, with fake GHD straighteners you can end up severely injured or worse."
"On top of all this, ghd hair dryer nz are far more efficient than the majority of hair irons and produce higher levels of both infrared and negative ions to help your hair stay smooth and shiny. Hairdressers were initially sceptical about whether clients would part with £70 for the new irons, but once they were put into the hands of a few celebrities on the London fashion circuit the buzz spread like wildfire."
"GHD straighteners come in many colors. The official name are these destiny hair straighteners are ""Blue Serenity"", ""Purple Indulgence"", ""Green Envy"" and ""Red Lust"". The plates are still titanium with negative ion technology but with dual circuitry you will be able to travel anywhere with these straighteners."
They also use something called far infrared technology with is a slightly different way of internally heating up the hair gently so as not to bring about so much damage from straightening. Their competition would have many hot spots on their irons which could burn and damage hair.
"Following this request, the FDA sent a warning letter to GIB LLC, which makes Brazilian Blowout, stating the products were ""adulterated"" and ""misbranded."" The products contain high levels of formaldehyde despite labels that describe them as formaldehyde-free, the FDA said."
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