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Sexy Red Bottom Heels

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Sexy Red Bottom Heels

PostPostao/la rrisotlnlda » Čet vel 08, 2018 9:55 am

Born in France 1964; Christian Louboutin christian louboutin women sneakers outlet is widely recognized as the market leader when it comes to the highly fashionable red bottom heels. These blood red lacquered heels have become his signature when it comes to women's shoe fashion. The trademark glossy red soles tend to give the shoes an authentication stamp in high fashion shoe excellence. Christian Louboutin launched his own line of high quality women's shoes in France 1991 and he permanently adopted his famous red soles in most of his designs since 1992.

He states that his inspiration comes from christian louboutin flats sandals the Paris showgirls of the 1970's and 1980's. His professional mission statement is; "to make a woman look sexy and beautiful and to make her legs look as long as he can". It was Christian Louboutin that made stiletto heels fashionable again in the 1990's and 2000's and he has since then found much high fashion appeal for his red bottom designs amongst many of the popular female celebrities.

Traditionally shoe soles came mainly christian louboutin trainers sale uk in black with brown leather being the more elegant choice; many shoe manufacturers would only be brave enough to have a small logo print of color on their soles. Trainer manufacturers have been the only real experimentalists when it came to alternative color soles. Fortunately; Christian Louboutin with his exclusive signature footwear designs has changed this.

The Louboutin designs may be in the higher christian louboutin mens shoes uk sale price bracket of women's shoes, but are definitely worth the price. The additional visual appeal is priceless. The red lacquered soles can be seen from almost any angle or position. And being red they also emit that array of sensual desire to the onlooker, who is almost hypnotized by the female's suggestive sways of her feet.
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