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A Description of Swarovski Crystal Heliotrope Colour

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A Description of Swarovski Crystal Heliotrope Colour

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The 'Heliotrope' back swarovski schmuck kaufen coating is heavier and therefore provides an effect greater in intensity than that seen with the 'aurora borealis' finish. As with Bermuda Blue, the Heliotrope coating features a coloured mirror finish, 'returning' light within the particular hues of the crystal glass, which serves to further emphasize the featured colour range.

As with several Swarovski swarovski ring deutschland special finishes, Heliotrope provides a pleasing transient range, in reaction to the angle at which both directed and ambient light are received. In lateral light conditions, darkest purple, almost black, surrounds the crystal edges. Greys and pure crystal provide highlights as a soft transition moves across to imperial purples and velveteen midnight. As the range traverses lighter purples and lilac, stark incidental modulations to fuchsia, violet and cobalt appear across the facet planes.

Moving on towards the crystal interior, deep swarovski ohrringe sale oceanic blue and green, turquoise and aqua merge to climax in a startling sapphire centre point, bathed in an ethereal almost 3D/holographic glow courtesy of the metallic back coating. But even here in the crystal heart, momentary flashes of pure deep purple reaffirm a core to the Heliotrope pallet.
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